Sunday, May 29, 2011

Next Album!!!!

i decided a while ago to name it "6 Hours East" to describe the adventure of traveling to and from Baltimore to visit the woman i love. A lot of emotions overtook me when she was gone. Cleveland seemed like a darker place, not that it was good in the first place. I felt Adventure, Betrayal, Fear, Love.

I have about half of the songs near completion. It's gonna be more epic than Last Sunset. It'll be a great ambient album.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Somnium EP, and other stuff

Somnium EP can be livestreamed or purchased here

it has been a really long time. i decided to write to this again to further explain the new EP i've been working on: Somnium.

Somnium is a sci-fi fantasy novel written around 1600 by Johannes Kepler who was a mathematician and astronomer. His life long goal was to understand. While teaching one day he realized a pattern with the planets and thought they could fit into polygons. this wasn't exactly true but the idea was there. he needed hard observations and he could get them from Tycho Brahe, a swedish astronomer. Kepler was exiled because of his research and books he wrote on his theories. so, he went to Tycho Brahe who was a rich pompous fool who loved to indulge in wine and dance and such. Kepler was stern and was only interested in the data Tycho had collected but Tycho was basically being a dick about it so Kepler left. on Tycho's deathbed he sent his data to Kepler and his last words were "Let me now seem to have lived in vain." with these new observations Kepler made his 3 laws of planetary motion which would paved the way for Newton to fit them into math. Kepler had a pretty good understanding of Physics and Biology at the time too. and Somnium summed all of his ideas into a grand adventure to the moon.

Somnium follows a young man named Duracotus who was sent over seas to study with Tycho Brahe. Upon his return, he was thrilled to show his mother his findings. His mother was a witch who confessed, at this point, that she knew all of this but not from Tycho. She knew it from The Daemon of Lavania that lived on the moon. With her powers combined with the Daemons it was possible to travel to the moon during a Lunar eclipse (which showed Kepler's understanding of conditions beyond our atmosphere). Furthermore, a sponge was needed to cover the mouth due to being outside of the atmosphere. The mother placed a blanket over both of their heads and Duracotus is sent upward as if shot from a cannon. At the point of neutral gravity between the earth and moon Kepler wrote:

"we are carried along almost entirely by our will alone, so that finally the bodily mass proceeds toward its destination of its own accord"

Duracotus reaches the moon which had extremely harsh conditions for life and the Daemon basically showed him around the moon. He marveled at all of the beautiful and brief life there was. The sun would destroy mostly everything every month cycle. and i imagine Duracotus looking up at Earth before he wakes up to pull a blanket of off his head. epic stuff. i wonder why no one has made a movie of it yet, or at least a short film.

so i went over some apollo 11 footage of armstrong and crew landing on the moon. and i felt thrilled but halfway bad. bad because that spirit of wonder and adventure and unity seem to be hidden nowadays. but "it's this spirit, the spirit of Apollo which can bring the people of the world together, in peace."-Nixon.
which is the point of my EP. the whole idea of pushing that boundary together as a union was why i decided to go back to school. i want to do something that will help mankind instead of things that just benefit me. and i still wonder how Kepler would've felt if he had seen the Apollo11 mission and known that his contribution to science made that a reality....

Somnium EP can be livestreamed or purchased here

Sunday, February 14, 2010

its been too long.

it has been too long. a lot has happened since last post.

i got my music, specifically Lullaby, in an independent movie called "This Narrow Place" which my friend Pete O'Hare did the sound work for. congratulations Pete on being effin sweet.

I also inherited a cello from Pete. it was chillin in his basement, literally. It's pretty effed but i love it as much as all of my other adopted instruments :D. so, that's a good addition to my instrumentation for my album which by the way...

i'm working on my third album already. well, technically it's my 2nd album. but my 2nd album was supposed to be the songs i couldn't fit onto The Last Sunset, which i already wrote in my head. they're not recorded so i'm just gonna hold off on em for now and work on my thir... ehem.. second album: "6 Hours East", which will illustrate, through vibrations in the air, my journey of finding contentment in my new life beyond all of the doubt and fear that followed from the last life i had. it's about my literal journeys and the journeys in my mind to and from Baltimore to visit the woman i love. intense stuff. i already got the opener song done. it rocks really hard then mellows out into a winding road of unease before reaching the end of the road.

i hope it'll end up well
just go and dont worry about it

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Last Sunset 2.1 ..... again

click here, for epic ambient rock goodness

i finally got a better mp3 converter :D. so i made some pimpdaddy mp3s for ya.

i havent been on in a while cuz of school and other projects wasting my time but music is my true passion, well not just music, audio in general. 

but anyways,

-Hi-Res mp3s

-New epic music up Myspace

- and now that the semester is ending, i should be getting back into making the next album. gotta keep my head clear for that.

just flip it, stick it, see ya later, BYE

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

soooooo..... hey

i've been out of commission for a while. right after i got somewhat of a spark to start workin on new songs i lose it and school gets me down. but im gonna start workin on them again quite soon. i should be alive later on. ok bye.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wait For It 2: Bloodlust Ressurection

so for class we were put into groups to make a 3-5 min short. and ours is called Wait For It. its pretty good. i did the soundtrack and cinematography. itll be up on my youtube soon ;}. 


Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Album is Coming Along

hey there,

i finally feel good enough to start my next album. and i'm also working with my friend Eric Skufca on stuff. the new songs i'm working on are sooooo cooollll!!!! >:D

i also downloaded the newest Opera browser and i must say: it is pretty badass. i also started a blog there too. gonna invite random people to be my friend. that's how i roll cuz i don;t know anyone on opera, heh. but it should prove to be, at the least, fun.

new shit is on the way homey.

And i can;t get Loscil out of my head.